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23 July 2009 @ 01:14 pm
So the Otakon 2009 battle is over and we're all home again. I must say that waking up for autographs every morning took alot of me, and i wish i'd taken more videos of dragonball skits at photoshoots, however I am working on something, as always a slideshow.

I'm missing some key pictures for the slideshow so I was wondering if anybody has them. On Friday did Goku and Frieza do any fighting or battle poses against each other in the same pic? Also looking for a good solo shot of Goku. I'm trying to make that saga apart of the slideshow but all i have is a goku instant teleport picture and lots of hugging and kissing pictures lol.
07 July 2009 @ 01:34 am
Quote from SSJ2 Gohan QuantumDestiny from cosplay.com post-
"Can't wait to punch Perfect Cell XD! I am so looking forward to seeing everyone at the photoshoots!"

im telling ya video, punch cell once, have him throw up a cosplayer 18, then punch him again and have him throw up a 17, be an epic and funny video, add barf sfx lol

and sunday man gt 17 was looking forward to beating up GT Trunks and Goten.

I cant wait to be around so much evil, 17 is very pleased and hyped for all the DBZ shoots

Dang so many ppl to fight fri and sat.

1) I got to get Izeek for Piccolo vs 17 fight pics
2) Izuna future trunks vs 17 pics
3) and id love a frieza/17/Cell/kid Buu or Coola vs good guys pic (sorry 18 but u became a good guy, so your off the team j/k)
4) Evil Characters Group Pic
18 June 2009 @ 12:19 pm
I still have 2 rooms at the Hilton for $229.00USD a night from the 16-20th. 1st room is filled up with: Me, QuantumDestiny, our mom (Lol! She wanted to come to the con!), Anatra, and Izeekial

2nd room has no one, but if people want this room then I'm gonna have to switch the credit card to them and have them handle it as my credit card can't handle the strain. Plus I don't want the added stress! And maybe not everyone wants to stay from the 16-20th.

Let me know, (Mara I'm particularly aiming this towards you since I know you were interested!) or I'll just cancel the 2nd room.

BTW: Mara there's already gonna be a Paresu at Otakon so I crossed that off my list, but you still need me to pake some pants for you right? Lemme know~ ^^
4 Spots Open In Hotel Room Across Street From Otakon 09

* 4 Roomie Spots Open For Harbour Court Hotel Next To Con, across street from the convention from the backside.

* To Apply For being a roomie, Must be 18-Over

* Preferable that we cosplayed together at some point of time would be nice, but not requirement

* You can be male or female

* We have 4 spots open at harbour court, across street from the convention and next to parking garage, $106 person, 8 people, 2 beds, lots of floor room, $837 for whole group total for fri and sat night stay. makes it easy to geet constantly changed fast and great location for that, next to expensiver hotels but $400 less then them.

* We are #10 on the otakon.com map-

PM if interested

or Fri and Sat of Otakon

Room/Rate Information
Rate Type: Best Flexible Rate w Breakfast
Rate Description: Breakfast for up to 2 adults included. Perfect for travelers whose plans are subject to change.


Smoking Preference: No Preference

Number of Nights: 2

Number of Rooms: 1

Fri 17 Jul 2009 - Sun 19 Jul 2009

$369.00 (USD) per night (1 room(s))
Total Tax $99.64 (USD)
Estimated Total Price $837.64 (USD)

Rules & Restrictions
- Check-in Time: 03:00 PM
- Check-out Time: 12:00 PM

People In Room And What They Cosplay, and age-

Roomie Roster:

1) Lawrence, Age 25, Male, cosplays Lloyd from Code Geass

2) Jason/PrinceDraco, Age 26, Male, cosplays 17 from DBZ, Shinji from Bleach, Suzaku from Geass, Zero Kiryuu from vampire knight

3) Zack, Age 21, Male, cosplays Mr. Satan from DBZ, Zero from Geass, Ichigo from Bleach, and Naruto from Naruto

4) AJ, Age 21, Male, cosplay Kamui from X

5) Open
6) Open
7) Open
8) Open
Otakon 09 Dragonball Photoshoot Times Finalized. These are copy and pasted from the cosplay.com dragonball thread for otakon 09-

"Also, can people who are not on the front page list please tell me what character(s) they are doing and on which day. I seem to have missed about 10 pages of posts, and I seem to be drowning. D:

Times are as followed:
Friday- 6PM
Saturday- 5PM
Sunday- 11AM

These are final. "
27 April 2009 @ 02:58 am
Why is west city so quiet? I havn't blown it up just yet ^^;
13 April 2009 @ 07:50 pm
Alright still newby to LJ and just found West City thanks to Glay and Tech.

I was one of the Android 17's from last years Otakon 08 aka Prince Draco on Cosplay.com and Myspace.

I will be at all 3 Otakon 09 shoots which times are still being messed with. I believe it's coming close to being Fri 6pm, Sat 5pm, sun 11am. Have to check thread on cosplay.com. This year I believe people are trying to stay away from concert fri night and masquerade sat night as we lost people last year to those maine events.

Thread For Dragonball Otakon 09 is here-

Heres Roster list screamwhisperer has posted so far that have posted in thread as coming to the shoots-
Friday List:
screamedwhisper- Pan
princedraco- Android 17
chouhanwei- Perfect Cell
Toni the Mink- Arale
CrackRoxas- Supreme Kai
Muten- Master Roshi

Saturday List:
screamedwhisper- Fasha
princedraco- Android 17
QuantumDestiny: SSJ2 Gohan
Glay: 4th Form Freeza
Anatra: Kid Buu
shikachou- Chaozu
unyuu- Princess Snake
Toni the Mink- Lunch
CrackRoxas- Supreme Kai
Bishoujo Aimee- Future Trunks
VegitatheSaiyan- Piccolo
Dorkzilla- Bulma

Sunday List:
QuantumDestiny: GT Trunks
Glay: GT Goten
Anatra: GT Marron
screamedwhisper: GT character(surprise)
CrackRoxas- Supreme Kai
sazumebachi- Videl
princedraco- GT 17

Undecided Day:
aly-kun- Bardock
unyuu- Yamcha and Bulma
ZGoku296- Android 18
chouhanwei's friend- Imperfect Cell
Bishoujo Aimee- Mirai Trunks
unyuu- DB!Bulma
VegitaTheSaiyan- Majin Vegeta and Super Saiyan Vegeta(GT)
Zeshen- Taburu, GT Goten, and Yamcha
@Elliott@- Majin Vegeta
Arvina- Chichi, Saiyaman 2, and Videl
Arvina's bf- Goku, Saiyaman, and Gohan
nmenick- Gohan (Broly 2nd Coming)
Muten- Master Roshi
FullmetalElric- Bra
Lisama- Videl
K-San09- Jeice
K-San09's friend- Burter
Sailor Moon- Chichi

Long roster, but won't anybody go as bald Mr. Tien? We need a Tien! lol

The cool thing friday if at 6pm will be same time as sailor moon and gundam wing, so could after shoots get Toonami pics as all 3 shows use to be bck to back to back on television on the old days.

Anyway back to Otakon 09.

Fri DBZ shoot- I'll be DBZ 17 with belt buckle and gun in gun hoister this time

Sat DBZ Shoot- I'll be DBZ 17 with belt buckle and gun in gun hoister this time

Sun GT Shoot: Declared GT Sunday, I will be GT 17 With Coat before he turns into Super 17
(as is my headshot on LJ).

I'm also doing shoots throughout the weekend For Vampire Knight Thurs Night 8pm, Bleach Fri early afternoon shoot at 2pm as Hirako Shinji, and Code Geass Sat early afternoon shoot time not made yet but probably 1pmish as Suzaku Knight of rounds with sword.

You all do awesome videos on youtube glay and tech and friends so keep em up. i love DB and Beyblade stuff.

. I'm hoping for my cosplay youtube to get some videos this year. i want to kill dr gero on video, get sucked up by cell on video, and fight piccolo hehe, fight future gohan if there is one or a future trunks that's 17's wish list ^^ 17 just wants to fight haha. i think we need a video of a saiyan eating contest would be cool ;)

13 April 2009 @ 04:26 pm
Okay guys it's coming upon that time of year. I was wondering what everyone's plans were and if people are still up for doing DBZ cosplay?

If you're doing something other than DragonBall that's cool too, and please post what you're doing, cause I wanna know XD.

What I'm doing:

I'm pretty sure this is final! I'll be wearing SSJ2 Gohan, and the cosplayer Izeekial agreed to be Battle-damaged Piccolo, so I have to make that too LOL. We have an airbrush machine now though, so we might end up using that and prosthetics instead of sewing a body.

I'll probably wear Gohan for 2 of the days!

glayish and my mom might be coming too O_o! She expressed an intrest in checking out the con for at least one day, so I'll go as hoodie Trunks and will be making her Buu Saga red dress Bulma. Hopefully she doesn't back out >_>.... If she does, then I'm not sure what I'd wear!

Also! 18+ DBZ panel. WHAT THE HELL WILL WE TALK ABOUT? LOL. We need to write up the proposal and get that in!

Anyway... Reply if you're going to Otakon 2009!
21 February 2009 @ 12:31 pm
So, uh..

Is anyone actually going, this year?
04 January 2009 @ 11:19 pm
I miss you guys!! I don't know if I'll be able to make it out to otakon, because I plan to go to AX, and it will depend on the cost of stuff! but I'll keep it all in mind :D